The commitment of the professional structures of the sea promenade, towards a quality production adapted to the expectations of the clientele and to the maintenance of the balance of the Scandula reserve.

Article 1: I undertake to convey a positive image of the sea promenade by behaving as a responsible professional, to create and promote a friendly atmosphere for my passengers.

Article 2 : I undertake to ensure that the staff of my structure hold the necessary certificates and qualifications to carry out my activities, and to develop through training, the skills required to provide a quality service based on respect, preservation and knowledge of the RN Scandola.

Article 3 : I undertake never to voluntarily damage the integrity of the site visited and to educate my sailors in this practice, to respect an adapted speed and to proscribe excessive and useless acceleration near the rocks.

Article 4: I undertake to limit odour and noise pollution, in particular not to honk, shout or make unnecessary noise in the cracks, by not leaving any rubbish on the water and if possible to collect it.

Article 5: I undertake to be totally discreet near the osprey nests when they are occupied in order to guarantee the tranquillity of the couple present and during the breeding period (March to June) to respect the necessary distance.

Article 6: I commit myself to adopt an eco-responsible attitude in my conception of the activity, to privilege in my communication the products with sustainable development, the history, the heritage and the Corsican culture, the local products and the crafts.

Article 7: I undertake to integrate into my objectives and investment plans a reflection on less polluting and environmentally friendly equipment.

Article 8: I undertake to comply with maritime regulations, to be in full compliance with fiscal and social legislation, to carry out my activities in optimum safety conditions, to respect the speed limits (5 knots in the 300m band)

Article 9: I undertake to work as soon as possible in partnership with local actors (private and/or institutional), to show respect and fair play, to communicate all information relating to the conditions of good practice of my activity